aboutNoodles, nuts, nougat, nachos, nashis, naan bread, navy beans and nutmeg. At NOM NOM we certainly have a taste for sweet alliterations but this is nothing compared to our love of the satisfying crunch of chomping down on an assonant onomatopoeia. NOM NOM: eater’s digest is a land where you can chew on scrumptious stories, inviting information and fascinating features about everything food.

NOM NOM is about the twin arts of cooking and eating: demystifying the ofttimes complexities of food; researching, testing and devising easy to prepare recipes; figuring out what makes certain ingredients healthy and others unhealthy and most importantly of all basking in the glory of food. At Nom Nom we set out to impart knowledge to the hungry and an intimate understanding of the food industry to the interested. It is about integrating food into our everyday lives and making it interesting, inspiring, healthy and exciting!

NOM NOM is the work of Gabriel Power, a compulsive cook and obsessed foodie. He has worked over 10 years in the Organic Food industry in baking, making, buying and selling food to the ravenous masses. With a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology Gabriel combines a hunger for facts with a vast knowledge and insatiable desire for all things edible. In Nom Nom he wants to cast aside the hearsay and old wives tales that surround the topic of food and bring you the facts with the only bias being his love for food and passion to eat delicious meals everyday without compromise.

With this website being a side project to his day job, Gabriel understands the time pressures, cost constraints and struggle to gather the energy to eat great food from day to day. In Nom Nom he wants to show people that with a bit of knowledge and a little inspiration we can achieve culinary greatness and even document and share it with others! Eating after all, is something we  all have to do, we may as well do it well. And food is certainly not something that people should admire from afar. It is meant to be admired, savoured and devoured up close and personal.