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Every business has a cost problem to attract/retain clients

Consumer Smart Ltd Business Model

  Net Zero Costs for our members attracting new clients.

  Net Zero Costs for our members to be advertised!

  Monetary Benefits of being a member of ConsumerSmart Ltd

Mass marketing at neutral cost for our members

ConsumerSmart Ltd business model is about Mass Marketing at neutral cost for our members (the Advertisers). Many members are in a cost benefit position and advertising is Net Zero! Now that is a great starting point.

Must know for info for SMEs (Small businesses)

Consumer Smart Advertising Ltd, was created for small businesses to have a greater voice in advertising to the wider public

Your Product, Your Services, Your brand, More connections, More sales

Consumer Smart Advertising Ltd is all about Small business and growing sales and increasing market share.
It's also about minimal cost or neutral cost for your advertising.

Our Business model is explained by some of our member's Testimonials

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